1971 MGB Front

After trading the VW on an Oldsmobile I was not done with convertibles. I was still driving the paid for Civic LX but I had been bitten by the topless bug. This time I was going all the way! I sold the Civic, now 6 years old with 100K miles, for around $2,500 so that was my budget.

1971 MGB Side

The problem is there weren’t many used convertibles that could be had for under $2,500 in early 1994. Miatas were still too new and expensive. There were almost no convertibles made in the 80’s, so that limited the choices to 60’s and 70’s models. Also, I now had only a 1 mile commute to work so I didn’t give a rip about reliability. The choice was easy, an old MGB. Not just any MGB, a beater MGB. A nice running MGB would be a little over my price range and I had gotten fairly confident of my mechanical skills. I looked around for a week or two and ended up purchasing the 1971 MGB pictured here.

I have always preferred the chrome bumpered MGBs, and especially the wire wheels. These were the original “true” center locking wires, it did not have lug nuts, which is hard to find on old MGs because it was an expensive option. This one had a hard life, suffering unknown horrors before I got hold of it. But it was all there and running, I had a shiny new Moss Motors catalog, and $900 left to spend on it! What could possibly go wrong?

Lots of things of course. If you ever want to ensure your wife gets pregnant, just buy a two-seat convertible that you’ve always wanted. (duckie can second this point) I have been told numerous times that I have great luck with used cars and I guess that is correct. I bought it from a kid from Georgia at Auburn University. It had been sitting for a while because he didn’t trust it to make it home and his parents had gotten him something else to drive. I jumped it off and it ran around the block so I bought it. And drove it 60 miles home with the wife following. And it made it.I could go on for a thousand words here about all the interesting experiences owning this car. Or it’s questionable past, with a Georgia title that showed it was in Texas before that, and the VIN number on the title and the car was for a MGB-GT coupe, NOT a convertible. And that the back of the car had been red at some point, and red carpet and the red cloth seat inserts were available only on MGB-GT models, not covertibles.

And I only had it about 4 months.Yes, after a month or two we discovered that Wife 1.0 was pregnant. There was no way I could actually use the 2 seater with a kid, and we could not afford a 3rd vehicle with a baby on the way. So the MG had to go. Would I buy another? Absolutely, but I will get a vasectomy first.

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