Tacky Pink Camaro

I hope this isn’t a trend. Occasionally you see something weird done to an automobile that you can ignore as really bad taste. But when you see the same thing done to another vehicle completely unrelated it is a horrible warning of a possible new fad. Let us all pray together.

The tag “DADYGR” and the dented fender tell you all you need to know. If you couldn’t already tell from the paint. O.K., so it’s one spoiled girl, right? We all see the occasional pink repaint. But the partial white top/pink bottom gives the impression that a little thought went into this, like it was an actual “design”.

Tacky Pink Civic

Then I see this one. This may not be a coincidence. I wonder if one of the kiddie shows has the cool girl driving a car that is white/pink? But after spending the money to buy your kid a car are you going to ruin it this way? Then again, if my baby wanted it bad enough I probably would. I hope this fad is over in 13 years, because I really don’t want one of these sitting in my driveway!