Lincoln Town Car A1

I’m sure I could be accused of neglecting my Ford bretheren. So here is a real gem… The Lincoln Town Car. Not just any Town Car, an abandoned one. Apparently this particular Wal-mart will NOT tow a car left there. The 1972 Cadillac is still there, and I could go another week or two just showing other abandoned cars there. The Caddy actually looks like it could possibly move, this Town Car is clearly abandoned.

Lincoln Town Car A2

If the flat tires weren’t enough, the rear window being down for months of rain should be a sure sign. I wonder how many inches of rain are in this thing?

Geo Storm 1

Here is another abandoned one you don’t see much any more, the Geo Storm. I’m not going to bother looking up the year on this one either, but it’s an early 90’s and of course it’s really an Isuzu Impulse.

Geo Storm 2

This is off to the side in the hotel parking lot across Lakeshore from the Wal-Mart. No tag, clearly abandoned. I wonder how many of these are stolen or possibly even belonging to a missing person?