Remember these? When Nissan launched the Infiniti brand in the U.S. in 1990 there were only two models, the Q45 sedan and the M30 coupe. Although much effort was put into making the Q45 an excellent sedan, the M30 was an afterthought to compete with the Acura Legend Coupe and was basically a rebadged Nissan Leopard sold in Japan. It was still a nice car, but it only had a 162hp 3.0 V6 and an automatic transmission. A convertible version was produced also, but sales of the M30 were so low that they quit selling them after 1992. I didn’t realize how rare these were until I found out that only 12,000 were sold over the 3 years, and half were convertibles. That means this is one of only about 6,000 made.I think this is owned by the new guy at Advance.

It is obviously in the process of being redone. Despite the slow drivetrain, it does have a few things going for it as a project car. It is rear wheel drive, and engines, transmissions, and even suspension parts interchange with Maximas and 300ZXs. So it’s got serious potential for someone who really wants to spend some money and build a snooty sleeper. This guy managed to find a used replacement bumper cover from another M30. Since there were only 12,000 made over 15 years ago I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

The front is about as bland as you will ever see, but it’s not necessarily ugly. The squared-off look was still in style in the late 80’s, but by the time the 90’s came around things started getting rounder quickly. With a decent paint job this will make a nice cheap daily driver that you would not be ashamed to be seen in.