One of the drawbacks to not working at Advance will be less access to material for these posts. I suspect that nearly have of my sightings have come from either the parking lot or things I have seen while going to, from, or driving for Advance.

Like this gem, which shines even on this overcast Saturday. One of my co-workers is a professional mechanic who moonlights at Advance and works on cars on the side also. This was his Saturday project, doing some tune-up type stuff. He drove it to Advance to pick up parts (employee discount!!!).

This one is wearing it’s hardtop here. It fits the car so well that I’m sure most people don’t even realize that it’s really a convertible. The condition of the bumpers, chrome, and plastic lenses indicate that this one has been garaged it’s whole life and probably only driven on nice weekends. As it should be. This car probably stickered for $50,000, in FREAKIN’ 1983!!! Of course by 1988 it was probably worth $20K. Considering the owner could easily get $20K today it has held it’s value well over the last 20 years.

The lack of a V8 shouldn’t really hurt this one’s value as a nice weekend car. As now, SLs aren’t intended to be the fastest sports car around. They are for luxury and style, and are extremely rewarding drivers. At least that’s what I’ve read, I have never driven one! The interior is still in great shape, except that the seats don’t seem to match. They have either been swapped or were the victim of the wrong type of cleaning product. If you look closely at the (real) wood on the console (click the picture for the larger version) you can see where it is buckled. Looks like this one may have gotten rained on with the top down once, which may also have caused the seat discoloration.