Back in the day that Bill Elliott was still winning an occasional race in the “aerodynamic” 80’s Thunderbirds, those things actually sold pretty well. So did their Mercury Cougar sisters. FoMoCo had to have a “luxury” coupe in the Lincoln lineup also, and of course the perfect choice was for it to be “based on” the T-bird/Cougar platform.

Unfortunately the Lincoln-ified version just looked plain weird. I guess this probably looked O.K. if you had cataracts, which fits perfectly with the average buyer of a two-door Lincoln. I have never been able to find any angle that didn’t look awkward on these.

This one was for sale, and I witnessed it driven to/from the Advance I work at, so I know it runs. It was actually in nice shape and had clearly been garaged all of it’s life. The driver was 40-ish and very rough looking, I guarantee this was his grandfather’s pride and joy. He had lots of info on the sale tag, so he knows his stuff. He’s asking $3800 for it, and points out that it has the same 5.0 V8 as the Mustang GT. Sounds like a fair price for one of these in this shape.