Last night (after getting home at 10:15 pm) I was channel surfing trying to find something interesting to watch. To say I did would be a huge understatement. What I happened to find was a show called “Ultimate Factories: Ferrari” on the National Geographic Channel. For years I have read that the factory was always voted the best place to work in Italy, and that they did not give tours so it was rare for anyone to get to see what makes it so great. Besides the whole building Ferraris thing…

Man oh man, what a place. I have seen numerous other automotive plants on T.V. and in print, and the only other one I have seen that comes close is the VW Phaeton plant, which is more robotic than the Ferrari plant. I was in awe the whole time, enough to even overlook some of the factual errors in the narration. The premise of the show is to follow the production of a 599 from raw metal to finished product, and does a nice job of it. But the Maserati Spyder and Quattroporte are also built at the plant. When the narrator says “now the freshly painted 599 moves out of the paint booth” and the video is clearly a four-door Quattroporte you can’t help but giggle a little bit.

If this wasn’t enough, this is actually a series! Yup, there is also a BMW version following production of a Z4 at the South Carolina plant and a Z06 version showing Vette production. As with most cable channels they stacked them up so I also saw most of the Z4 show before I fell asleep. I highly recommend these as “Must See TV” for all of you. Set your VCRs (or DVRs) for this 3-hour block. It airs again tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am-2pm, with Ferrari then BMW and the Z06. You can see a clip of part of the Z06 show at the website below. Enjoy.

Ultimate Factories Website