Land Rover Defender

You don’t see many of these around. To see one that has been rolled is a rare find.

I think they intend to fix it because of the care taken to keep the water out. It sat for two weeks this way.

But it wasn’t a very hard roll, it would be in much worse shape if so. Since I took these pictures last week it has been moved, so hopefully it will get back on the road soon.

2 Responses to Land Rover Defender

  1. Abdulla says:

    can you send for me some pictures from in side and enger … i wanna ask you about your pric >>>> thank you <<<<<

  2. HotRod says:

    I don’t own this vehicle, I just saw it parked. If you notice the post date it was over 1 year ago, so I doubt it is even still around.

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