Thanksgiving Bonus Edition: VW Transporter Update!

This unique vehicle was mentioned with a quick pic a few days ago. I couldn’t resist stopping to get more pictures of it due to it’s rarity. The year range (50-55) is my best guess based on Wiki. The pictures are a little larger than normal for your enjoyment.

This is an extremely rare VW, in case you haven’t already guessed. A Microbus this old is quite valuable, but there were much fewer truck versions around. Oddly enough they actually made a dual-cab version of this also, which is even rarer.

The late 50’s & 60’s version had a huge VW logo on the front. This one’s tiny badge near the windshield gives a clue to it’s early 50’s age.

Notice the hinged bed sides. Although the bed isn’t deep the flip down sides let it become a flat-bed if you need a little extra width.