The last of a breed. Sort of. This is obviously the Buick sister to the Chevy Caprice wagon of the 90’s. When this Bu-evy production was ended in 1996 it was the last true American full-sized rear wheel drive station wagon. This one does not have any info other than the phone number posted so we don’t know too much about it. They probably don’t want too much for it though.

In case you missed the “full-sized” part, check out this huge badonkadonk. I read somewhere that these have a tall axle ratio and drum brakes in back. But since it is basically a Caprice/Impala underneath you can easily swap the rear axle from an Impala SS which will get you both the shorter ratio and rear discs. With a small supercharger added this would be quite the sleeper ride. I would have to add a set of Flowmasters though, just to mess with people’s minds.

I don’t consider it “full-sized” unless it has a third row of seats. The back seat below would make a 70’s GM product proud. The jumper cables in the footwell indicate a trip to the battery store should be your first post-purchase stop.

There are several interesting things about these wagons. The folding mirrors (not shown) indicate this one is a 95 or 96. That means it has the same 5.7L (350) LT1 V8 as the Impala SS & Corvette, although detuned slightly. So this one will probably be able to get out of it’s own way.

The other neato Buick-only feature is a middle-row passenger sky-view window. (see below) This was a big thing in the 60’s that Buick brought back in the 90’s . I wish my parent’s Caprice wagon would have had one.