There was a time (so I hear) that everyone could identify the brand of automobile from a mile away by seeing the front, and each brand made only one car and truck. This is one of those.

These were made just a few years after WWII. Since most automobile production was changed to aircraft production during the war, the engineers learned a lot about aerodynamics and forming large sheets of metal into compound curves. It shows here.

This is a nicely done “driver” resto-mod. A pair of “Cruisin the Coast” stickers in the window prove that this one has been used for fun more than show. A few chips and dings are visible up close but it looks just fine from a distance. Since it’s been sitting for weeks with few washings and still looks great I’m guessing it has a clear coat paint job, which is perfect for actual road use.

Nice usable interior. The cloth won’t scorch your legs when it’s 100F, and breathes. Leather seats would have been a waste here. It’s offered at $10K, which is a bargain for what you get, you couldn’t duplicate it for twice that price.