More abandonment issues. I can’t tell for sure if this one is abandoned or not, but if it isn’t someone who works at Bruno’s parks it in exactly the same spot every day. It is clean though, so it hasn’t been abandoned long.

While this one probably has little interest to anyone, it does have a mild personal connection for me. I actually had one of these as a rental for a week back in 1990. I think mine was an 88 or 89, but not much difference. This design just says “disposable”, and the tan pain does not help at all. These look a lot better in metallic colors.

I was initially amazed at what a generic 80’s Japanese product this was when I took the rental. Over the week it won me over though, it was quite fun to drive, decent power for it’s price, and took a pounding without complaint. But it was a whole generation behind my Civic at the time, in design, materials, and refinement. Nissan was still playing catch-up then.