Here’s another really rare one these days. As I was sitting in the gas station parking lot, this appropriately Crap Brown Vanagon pulls in. While I was trying to dig my camera phone out of my pocket I was shocked to see a SECOND one pull in! They prove that dodo birds of a feather flock together. Both were basically restored and had Florida plates. Since this was at 6:00pm on Sunday night, at a gas station just off I-65, I am assuming that they traveled together to a VW gathering and were headed home to Fla. If they didn’t break down they should have made it to Pensacola by 10:00.

Now that R&B have taken over the long-abused “Wee Mart”, it looks like they have either unusual taste in automobiles or a very good sense of humor. The X1/9 last week wasn’t the first unusual set of wheels I have seen there. Since I sit in traffic right in front of it every morning there should be plenty more material coming from these guys.

This week they bring us the truck version of the VW Microbus. I’m sure this thing has some other name but I have no idea what it is. (update: officially called Transporter) This is only the second one I have actually seen.