O.K. S.O.T.S. fans, this one is so rare that I have literally seen more Ferraris here than this one. These were rare even back in the day, to see an actual one running now is like finding a spotted owl in your tree. What could be better than an early-80’s Dodge Omni? An early-80’s Dodge Omni WITH A TRUCK BED!

Even better is that the guy has a sense of humor about it. You can’t really tell from the horrible photo quality but the guy has a large (1ft. dia.) black spider impaled on the antenna and has put a halloween full-head monster mask over the passenger headrest. It looks like an ogre is riding shotgun!

I was tempted to get out of the car and get some better pictures, but I was afraid the guy would come out of the cash advance place and kick my arse for messing with his car. Probably the right call, as I was sitting at the stoplight (admiring the RAMPAGE from afar) the guy came out, got in, and drove off. He definitely COULD have kicked my arse!

Dude should pull off that RAMPAGE emblem and save it though. I bet those are impossible to replace! Bonus points for the matching set of alloys off some other K-car product, probably one of those equally awesome 80’s Daytonas.