Some of you are already aware of my strange fascination with the new Chargers. If not, you do now.
This has to be the best one evah! This guy works near me and I’m going to get better pics soon. Pictures do not do this one justice, despite the questionable taste this “conversion” is extremely well done.

If you are going to bother getting the R/T “Daytona” package, you might as well go all out. The only thing better than this “Plum Purple” version would be a lime-green one. Which they do make, of course. By the way, the tag on this one said “PLMCRZY”.

Probably the coolest of them all is the new Police package, which I’m sure you have all seen by now. These make some of the meanest cruisers in a long time. Here is the Jefferson County SO version. I have seen the new Ala. Trooper version and it is the best yet. I hope to get pictures of it soon, but NOT parked behind me…